Thanks to my partner, Artist and Photographer Jamila Walker, for her continuing support, encouragement, belief and friendship. Thanks to Peter Walters for friendship, laughs and being a great colleague. Thanks to Robert Floyd, for his friendship, positivity and talking to me about art.  Thanks to Chris Pitts for being an excellent host, friend and for his relentless enthusiasm. Thanks to Mark Dorricott for his amazing keyboard skills and willingness to get involved in all things musical. Thanks to Jerome Auxant for incredible percussion and arranging skills, humour and hosting.

Thanks to “Shropshire Mind” and all the people who attended my music group there, for allowing me to make a noise and occasionally a fool of myself.

Thanks to Jessica Kent and Kate Allan, from “Songs For You”, a project which supports people with Dementia and their carers, through song. It has been a pleasure to be involved.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Belle Vue Arts Festival, Shrewsbury, for letting me be involved and volunteering me for gigs.

Thanks to Birmingham based charity “Sound it Out”, for giving me a job and the chance to work with children who have mental health problems, at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to Richard Benjamin for letting me be involved at the Shrewsbury Flax Mill and volunteering me for gigs.

Thanks to all the people who I’ve ever taught guitar to, particularly Duncan Roberts.

Finally, thanks to all of the people I’ve ever been in bands, or played music with, including; Andy Gould, Nick Raybould, Nick Swift, Helen Russell, Liz Fields, Bill Devey, Andy Roye, Gazz Rogers, Matt Taylor, Joe Gallagher, Paul Kielty, Adam Maxwell and many more I’ve forgotten, apologies.